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Cloud Computing 

Your secure data center services in the cloud

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Let amnet Help Get You To The Cloud

Private Cloud

The Power of Dedicated Cloud Resources

amnet's Hosted Private Cloud Solution provides dedicated resources with the flexibility of cloud computing to deliver unprecedented performance and security.

Our hosted platform is powered with industry leading technologies to create a secure environment that can scale as your business requirements change.

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The Benefits of a Private Cloud

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Better Security

Dedicated and secure infrastructure that is only accessible by authorized and authenticated users.  All services and infrastructure are designed for one business, not shared. 

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Fully Customizable

Automated and scalable computer platform to meet unpredictable, transient workloads and avoid needless overprovisioning based on your organization needs.

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Predictable Costs

Implement and pay for just the infrastructure needed.  There are no hidden spikes in cost or overages when you control the cloud environment.

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Compliance Control

Set the required compliance and security levels to meet all of your organizations requirements needed for specific certifications.

What is Private Cloud?

A private cloud is computing services offered either over the Internet or a private internal network and only to select users instead of the general public. Another name for a private cloud is an internal or corporate cloud. 

Private cloud computing gives organizations many of the benefits of a public cloud,
including self-service, scalability, and elasticity, but with the additional control and customization available from dedicated resources. In addition, private clouds deliver a higher level of security and privacy through both company firewalls and internal hosting to ensure operations and sensitive data are not accessible to third-party providers. 

Speak with one of our private cloud experts!

Public Cloud

Public cloud services that are integrated and optimized for your business

Accelerate your business and automate your infrastructure with amnet's public cloud expertise.

amnet offers you an extensive range of managed public cloud solutions simplified to support your projects. Take advantage of the flexibility of on-demand resources to scale up from small to large-scale deployments, accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

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Benefits of Public Cloud Solutions

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Public Cloud Solutions are nearly unlimited in scalability.  Organizations can increase (or decrease) resources automatically and dynamically in response to ever-changing business needs. 

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Simplified DR

With a few clicks of a button, companies can automate backing up their data, applications and other resources across global public cloud regions

What is Public Cloud?

A public cloud is a form of cloud computing that is open for all users or subscribers around the world. It is usually owned, operated, and managed by a third-party provider.

Public cloud deployment models are a common solution for companies with specific or predictable storage and processing needs, and those public cloud services are delivered by third-party providers in one of several models, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). 

Public cloud security comes in multiple variations as well with multiple layers of defense. These layers include containers, stringent access procedures, encryption for data moving in and out of storage, cyberthreat detection and analysis, and other vendor-certified protections that are compliant with industry regulations.

Engineers are ready to help answer your public cloud questions.

Hybrid Cloud

Best of Both Clouds

Combining on-premise, Public and Private Cloud infrastructures into a single, flexible environment optimized per application or workload.

Hybrid cloud allows your business to combine these benefits into a unified cloud solution to meet your business application requirements.


Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions are nearly unlimited in scalability.  Organizations can add new capabilities quickly to meet capacity with increasing CapEx.

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Simplified DR

With a few clicks of a button, companies can automate backing up their data, applications and other resources across global public cloud regions

What is Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud solution integrates public and private cloud infrastructures. In this model, the two types of cloud are combined into a single, flexible infrastructure, and your organization can choose the optimal cloud environment for each individual application or workload.

To make best use of this type of cloud computing, your organization must rely on technologies and orchestration tools that allow it to move workloads seamlessly across the two environments in order to meet performance, cost, compliance, and security requirements.

A hybrid cloud can enable an ideal division of labor and security with sensitive data and application kept in house while, while using the public cloud for access to Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and any additional platform, storage, or compute capacity it might need. It’s this ‘best-of-both-worlds” approach that drives the increase in hybrid cloud implementations.

Want the best of both worlds?
Hybrid Cloud may be right for you.

Object Storage
(Storage as a Service)

Simplified cloud storage.
Long term retention.

amnet provides a cost-effective solution for long-term storage that includes comprehensive security and compliance to meet your needs based in Stamford, CT.

Whether it’s compliance driven long-term storage backups, reclaiming local capacity or replacing an outdated tape archive, amnet has the best cloud storage solution options that are fully integrated into other services, such as disaster recovery.

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Benefits of Object Based Storage

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Greater Data Analytics

Object storage is driven by metadata, and with this level of classification for every piece of data, the opportunity for analysis is far greater.

Faster Data Retrieval 

Due to the categorization structure of object storage, and the lack of folder hierarchy, you can retrieve your data much faster.

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For Less

Due to the elastic nature of object storage, it's less costly to store all your data. Keep adding data, forever. There's no limit

What is Object Storage?

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a data storage strategy/architecture designed to ingest large amounts of unstructured data. This Architecture designates data as distinct units, bundled with metadata and a unique identifier that can be used to locate and access each data unit when called.

These objects "data" can be stored on-premise or in the cloud, making them easily accessible from anywhere. Due to object storage’s scalability, there is an inherit flexibility that an organization has when using this architecture.  Costs are typically less when storing large data volumes than other options, such as block storage.

Looking for reliable storage solutions?

Cloud Business Phone


Servicing Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, White Plains & New York Metro Area

Our ClearCall Cloud Business Phone System and Business Phone Lines combine ease of use and reliability with the latest VoIP benefits. The secure, private cloud based VoIP communication platform has been proven more reliable than public cloud options on the market.

Clear Choice:

  • Minimal Capital Investment
  • Reliable. Flexible.
  • Local Expert Service




Top Cloud Business Phone System

amnet's ClearCall phone system is a private, cloud based business phone system offering fiber optic reliability, business class features, and cost savings associated with Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology

  • Secure private cloud business phone system for quality and high reliability
  • Predictable monthly costs with flexibility to scale on demand
  • Mobility features allow remote workers to operate as if they are in the office
  • All hardware, software and maintenance is included in a simplified monthly fee
  • Advanced features including contact center, unified communications, etc. are available
  • Powered by hosted Allworx phone system and hosted Allworx Verge IP phones   


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What is a Cloud Phone?

A cloud-based phone system, or cloud phone, is a phone service that allows you to make calls over the internet rather than over a traditional analog phone line that uses copper wires or optical fibers to make a connection. Cloud phones are typically hosted in one or more off-site secure data centers.

Looking for a Reliable Cloud Business Phone?

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