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Audio Visual

Digital Collaboration.
Made Simple.

For over 25+ years, amnet has been going beyond the traditional limits of AV to help you create powerful digital collaboration experiences.

Project Portfolio

Come check out our latest AV and Digital collaboration projects completed throughout the US and abroad.  From basic boardroom and conference room installs, to complete building integrations!

AV Systems Installation

Expert field installers turn your vision into a working reality. Whether it is just a video conferencing system or full room & office integration, amnet has the solution and team to execute. 

Audio Visual Consultant

From concept to completion, amnet guides your audio video project through all steps with in-house expertise.  

Maintenance & Support

We understand the importance of digital collaboration technology and offer service plans that fit your need.  

Partnered With The Best

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Let us show you how simple our AV Solutions are to use!

Leading Brands Trust AMNET

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Audio Visual Portfolio

We are ready to start designing your AV Solution today!

Audio Visual Consultant

25+ Years Designing & Engineering AV Solutions

We draw upon our Audio Visual experience to have thoughtful discussions with valuable insight into the best products and solutions as desired to achieve your Digital Collaboration goals.

Precise documentation, thorough design, expert installation and support are the keys to a solid foundation and successful project.

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Audio Visual Consulting Steps For Success

amnet AV develops cost-effective solutions and applications, including drawings, detailed equipment lists and installation plans.
All recommendations are based on your specific needs, objectives and budget considerations.  From Concept To Completion, we partner with you to achieve the results you expect.

Needs Analysis & Site Survey

We start by first understanding your vision and goals in order to set accurate project specifications and determine the best solution for you! If the job requires installation on site, we will send our team down for a site survey.

Project Design & Engineering

Our team will begin designing your project. We have a brilliant team of designers who work to bring you the best solutions for your needs.

Proposal & Solution

We will provide you a proposal and work with you every step of the way. If there needs to be changes, we're here to make sure you're taken care of - just let us know!

Documentation & Support

The success of the audio video project is dependent on the value it brings to your organization.  At amnet, we provide white-glove training and documentation handoff to ensure everyone can use the technology. 

What Does a Audio Visual Consultant Do?

An Audio Visual Consultant is an expert who will analyze your current technology setup, listen to your goals, vision, requirements and and help you design a system that accommodates all of your technology needs.

amnet will help you choose optimal equipment that will be used to bring your ideas to life and provide tailor-made suggestions for your project.

Top Audio Visual Consultants are available to discuss your vision. 

AV Systems Installation

Audio Video Installation Experts 

With complete, individually tailored system integration and implementations, amnet provides the necessary tools to enhance your digital communications capabilities.

We offer the following AV Solutions so that your business can thrive:

- Full Control and Systems Integration
- Modern Video Conferencing
- Sound Masking
- Audio Systems
- Access Control and Security Systems

... and more.

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Providing Quality Audio Visual Experiences 

Our passion drives the attention to detail when putting together all of the parts and pieces of a well rounded audio visual system.
amnet's team of certified engineers incorporate the latest standards, best practices and innovative techniques to
deliver the best audio video system required.

Video Conferencing

amnet partners with industry leading video conferencing manufacturers (Poly, Logitech, Cisco, Zoom..etc) to deliver simple, one touch meeting join availability across all platforms.  Our systems are reliable, cost effective and easy to adopt.

Whether it is a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Ring Central, GoTo Meeting, Zoho Meeting, Cisco or ClickMeeting, amnet helps provide a seamless experience that all user profiles can adopt.

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Access Control & Security Cameras

Our solution set includes top of the line security camera systems and controllers combined with an "Edge" Ip technology access control system. 

amnet partners and installs integrated solutions from industry leading manufacturers:
Digital Watchdog, 2N Access Control Systems, Axis Communications... and more.  The mobile functionality for security cameras and access control is growing in demand and accomplished with our solution.

Digital Watchdog's MEGApix is a powerful, state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible users to view live and playback crystal clear megapixel video from their cameras anywhere in the world.  

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Sound Masking

Best-in-class sound masking can turn any workplace into private meeting spaces with improved acoustics, reduction in noise distractions and privacy. 

amnet helps to absorb, block and cover unwanted acoustics in your workspace by partnering with Cambridge Sound Masking, Biamp, and others to deliver the top sound masking solutions. 

Absorb:  Acoustic wall panels, crept, and ceiling tiles help absorb sound
Block: Solid barriers, partitions, and walls help block excess sound
Cover: Sound masking helps cover distant conversations

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Integrated Room Control Systems

amnet brings over 25+ years of experience designing and installing full Room Intergation systems.  

From small business to enterprise organizations,
amnet delivers complex, but simple to use technology integrations that help set apart the way you meet, collaborate and do business.

Integration sources and components consist of Audio, video, Projectors, shades, blinds, lighting, sound masking, scheduling systems, rooms occupancy, environmental room comfort... and more.  

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Partnered With The Best

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What does an Audio Visual Technician Do?

An AV tech is someone who sets up, installs, operates, maintains and supports audio and video equipment used to enhance digital collaboration.

Any event such as a concert, sports game, training center, class rooms, executive offices or large conference would need the support of an AV tech expert.

Where does amnet install?

amnet is a top Audio Visual / Video design and installation company in Connecticut and New York for the past 25+ years. 

Based in Stamford, CT we routinely service Fairfield county, Westchester county and the New York City, tri-state area.  We expand to nationwide installs and cross borders as needed for our clients as well. 

From the boardroom to your personal desk, amnet will consult, design, install and maintain solutions that deliver unparalleled simplicity.

 We cover all areas of your office:

  • Boardrooms, Conference rooms & Meeting Rooms
  • Training centers, Class rooms & Auditoriums
  • Lobbies & Lounge Areas

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy and increase office comfort.

Benefits include:
- Reduce Noise Distractions
- Protect Private Speech
- Improve Workspace Acoustics

Where Should Sound Masking be Used?

  • Corporate:
    Open Office, Private Office, Outside of Conference
  • Technology:
    Engineering and Research Labs, Co-share Spaces,
    Huddle Rooms
  • Education:
    Libraries, Classrooms, Testing Centers
    Hotel Rooms, Reception Areas, Spas
  • Healthcare:
    Hospitals and Clinics, Offices and Counseling
    Areas, Pharmacies
  • Financial Services:
    Retail Banks, Call Centers, Board Rooms
  • Government & Law:
    Secured Facilities, Courtrooms, Law Offices
  • Venues:
    Airport Lounges, Houses of Worship (Back Office),
    Conference Centers

Expert AV Techs are ready to assist with your next project

Audio Visual Maintenance & Support

Protect Your AV Investments & Limit Disruptions 

amnetCare plans proactively manage your technology to stay ahead of any imminent issues and make sure your experience is always top notch.

From same-day call-outs to next-day working support, amnet is there to reassure your collaboration technology is working as expected. 

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amnetCare Maintenance & Support

amnet keeps your AV systems secure, reliable and running optimally by creating a custom plan that reduces downtime and emergency situations. 


Our technicians conduct regular health checks and assessments to reduce the risk of unexpected equipment failures and downtime.

Rapid Response

amnet offers priority response times based on severity and maintenance plan purchased to meet your organizations SLA requirements.

Power of training

amnetCare packages include additional training after the job is complete to help ensure all parties have the knowledge to properly use the solution.  

Discounted Rates

We provide discounts on labor and replacement hardware for organizations with an active amnetCare plan. 

What is an SLA?

A service-level agreement (SLA) defines the level of service you expect from a vendor, laying out the metrics by which service is measured, as well as remedies or penalties should agreed-on service levels not be achieved. It is a critical component of any technology vendor contract.

Learn more about our amnetCare AV Maintenance Plans

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