AMNET myCloudTM Platform

Hosted Vidyo

All the Features of Your In-House Vidyo System, Paid For As a Service


Fully managed, cost effective Vidyo-a-a-Service solution including Vidyo portal, router and other components

Gain the same features of an in-house built system, yet with the unlimited bandwidth of Amnet's UC9 Platform

Includes all your software maintenance and connectivity to H323 and voice gateways on an as needed cloud service basis

Supports hosted Vidyo replay recording and streaming capabilities along with vanity domain name access

Amnet has many years of experience managing an optimizing Vidyo based on conferencing systems

Advanced geographic redundancy available on a case by case basis

Both cost-effective multi-tenant and compliance driven fully isolated platforms available

Optionally, the Base Cloud Platform configurations can be further customized and optimized to meet your needs

Industry leading 100% up-time and security guarantee of the UC9 Cloud Platform

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