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Online Audio/Video Enabled Conference Room

About Video Room


Similar simplicity of Skype™ * but with business grade security and the integration features that come with the Amnet myCloud Platform

Virtual online meeting room supports any combination of phone/video dial-in participants and screen sharing

Easy invites, similar to a typical conference bridge with support for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android participants

Unlimited concurrent line model means cost-effective sharing of service for all, without per minute charges

Custom design your service to match your needs without the need for expensive AV conferencing equipment

Seamless integration with your myCloud Workspace and Exchange, simplifying invitations and call management


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

Video Room Conference Pricing & Subscriptions

Available in any configuration to meet your needs, listed below are our top three plans.



iOS & Android
Webcasting or Streaming
Voice Only Connectivity
Video Room System Connectivity
H.323/SIP Connectivity (Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, etc.)
Additional Install Bundles: $125 for 25 Installs


Amnet myCloud Video Room technology can also be scaled to provide competitive solutions for all applications, from individual consultants to Fortune 500 Enterprises. Our Video Room team will strive to understand the unique characteristics of your organization so a Video Room solution can be configured to fit your needs.

Benefits of Amnet's Video Room

Amnet partnered with Vidyo to deliver our Amnet myCloud Video Room product, which is based on state-of-the-art Vidyo technology.   We have years of experience delivering Vidyo-as-a-service to many enterprises and small businesses as part of Amnet's myCloud product line, whether it be as a stand alone service or part of an integrated myCloud solution.   Amnet has maintained a leadership position as a cloud service provider and AV integrator for the past 20 years, while Vidyo is recognized for its leadership position in personal telepresence. Vidyo combined with Amnet allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to business grade on-line Vidyo conferencing in the cloud.

Telepresence Quality Experience Simple and Easy-to-Use
  • No need for expensive hardware and proprietary networks anymore
  • myCloud Video Room deliver HD quality video conferencing over everyday IP networks, using off-the-shelf equipment
  • Incredible quality, reach and cost savings
  • Available on the Mac, PC, desktop smart phone and tablet
  • All you need is a camera and you're ready to participate in a multi-point conference
  •  Multiple layouts for video display including:active speaker, continuous presence, data sharing or any combination thereof
  • Each participant can dynamically change his of her preferred layout at anytime during a meeting, independent of other participants
  • Unique combination of features offers, all packages to provide you the industy's most flexible solution to increase productivity and collaboration at the best price
  • It's the sweet spot of today's PC based hardware, network capability and proprietary software services to bring you the best desktop video conferencing possible


Skype Pic

Compare to Skype™ *

  • Amnet delivers the same functionality as Skype with the HD conferencing abilities you desire
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is secure and only accessible by you
  • Receive stunning HD- quality telepresence experience without the expense of custom room and network build-outs
*Skype is a trademark affiliate




  • Today's video communication technology comes in many shapes and sizes. Calling between these systems can become complex and maintaining them can be expensive.
  • We provide an end-to-end solution that is easy and secure
  • Simple call setup between any two devices
  • Scheduling via dedicated web portal or Microsoft Exchange
  • Proactive endpoint monitoring and management
  • Provides maximum up-time for all your sites
  • Ensures your video directory stays in sync
  • Monitors every video device on your network 24/7
  • Centrally manages software updates
  • Reports on device or room use

Scalable Encoding
The endpoints on every call constantly monitor each other's transmission, compensating for real world fluctuations in network bandwidth, etc. to ensure that every moment of the call is the best quality possible.

Network and Firewall Friendly
Our solutions do not typically require any complex or particular network configuration like traditional video conferencing systems. Most often than not, firewalls and proxies are not an obstacle. When you become a subscriber, Amnet will help you understand, test and configure any items that may need tweaking.

Multi Point Calls


Multi-Point Calls
To keep things simple and clean, the interface can display nine separate callers simultaneously, but there can be multiple participants in the virtual meeting room. Amnet has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes optimize the manner by which this solution is deployed and used, both in terms of budget and maximization of this service for your users. Your Sales Representative can answer any questions you may have about how to best roll out and assimilate this service into your organization and culture.


This solution allows remote users to call room-based video conferencing systems, and vice versa. This capability allows the further leveraging of existing video conferencing systems within your organization, from board meetings to sales meetings and everything in between.



Superior Quality
No matter how many video conferences you may have partaken in, you will be blown away by the quality of the video and audio Amnet's VidyoRoom provides. We provide top-quality solutions at all cost levels, including HD conferencing.

myCloud Video Room Supreme Support

Receive Amnet's top quality support during your my Video Room trail. Amnet's support team will answer any questions that arise and help you in any way possible to get up and running, quickly and smoothly.

Recording and Streaming


Recording & Streaming
Webinars, training sessions, sales meetings, interviews…. Just about any myVideo Room meeting is worth sharing via myVideo Room Streaming and Archiving Services. The more ground people in your organization cover, the more streaming and recorded meetings start to make an increasing difference knowledge sharing.



 Application Content Sharing


Application Content Sharing
Share documents, drawings, web pages - if you can view it on your desktop, you can share it.




How myCloud Video Room works?
Simply plug in a USB camera, a USB headset or a speaker phone. Log in to the Video Room portal to begin using the intuitive interface to locate all your fellow  Vidyo Roomers. Share applications and content right away from your desktop. You can invite guests outside the Video Room network to join you in your online conference room and interface directly with most existing video conferencing systems.

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