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White Boards


White Boards
More and more businesses are beginning to implement the use of Electronic Whiteboards. Their interactive nature allows coworkers to collaborate, communicate and save work like never before.

Electronic Whiteboards connect to a computer and utilize touch technology so you can interact with the board’s surface using a special pen, or simply point your finger. You can then save all the sketches, and edits you have made on the board before sending to co-workers.


Interactive whiteboards are used in a variety of settings, but are most commonly used in:

  • Classrooms     
  • Corporate Board Rooms
  • Work Groups
  • Training Rooms for Professional Sports Coaching
  • Broadcasting Studios



POWERED BY NFS- Room, Resource, and Workspace Scheduling Solutions - For meeting rooms, desk-sharing, hoteling, video-conferencing, catering, car parking, training, and much more.

Amnet has partnered with NFS to deliver the best in today's meeting management systems. Today, meetings might consist of a few people sitting traditionally together in a room, but they are just as likely to be between delegates in three or four countries, across different time zones, via a video conferencing link.

Whatever the type of meeting, one thing holds true: there's a need for organizing attendees, while maximizing room space potential. There was a time when this meant complicated juggling of diaries and appointments. Now, technology does it all for you.

The system can be accessed from practically any device that has a web browser and Internet connection.
Deal with different aspects of the booking process by creating work flows that are related to each category or resource. The user experience is fully optimized and Workspace allows different resources, across different locations, to be booked as part of an integrated booking process.

Outlook-Based Scheduling

The Outlook functionality provides multi-resource, multi-location and multi-time zone scheduling

  • Full Integration with Outlook          
  • Ease of Use                               
  • Highly Configurable
  • Portability
  • Seamless Integration
  • Video-Conference Scheduling
  • Smooth Integration
  • Interoperability 


Coordinate all of the following with one simple system:

Meeting Room
  • People Numbers
  • Layout Style
  • Setup/Breakdown
  • Meeting Type
  • Restrictions

Car Parking

  • Location
  • Disable Facility
  • Duration
  • Access Rights


Catering Facilities

  • Quantity
  • Duration
  • Category
  • Delivery Options
 Desk Sharing
  • IT Equipment
  • Location
  • Groupings
  • Duration
  • Colleague Link (Project Meetings)
  • Parking Required


  • Time/Duration
  • Set Up/Clear Down
  • Service Provider Notification
  • Technology Links to VS Solution
  • Agenda Management


AV Equipment

  • Equipment Search
  • Availability
  • Book Equipment
  • Outlook Calendar Updates
  • Inventory Handling
  • Equipment Secs

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Now more than ever, the need and want for distance learning has steadily increased. Distance learning has the ability to bring emerging computer technologies together and offers many promises in the field of education.

Universities, schools, training facilities, and students can all benefit and take advantage of all that video in the classroom environment offers. No longer let distance put a restriction on giving or receiving the education you want.

Let us show you how we can help.

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