Fully Integrated Room Systems Overview


Amnet has the knowledge and experience to help you integrate everything from laptop presentations to video conferencing into any environment with unprecedented ease-of-use.

We offer design, equipment selection and skilled installation to ensure an optimum experience that meets the requirements for a non-technical user.

Amnet's team of specialists will provide ongoing maintenance, support and training to ensure reliability.

A picture is worth thousand words, so we toned down the text in this section and geared up on the images to show you all that Amnet offers and delivers.

  1. Board Rooms
  2. Conference
  3. Executive Offices
  4. Trading Floors
  5. Training

BoardRoom2BoardRoom3BoardRoom5BoardRoom 7BoardRoom9BoardRoom10BoardRoom11BoardRoom12BoardRoom13BoardRoom41 


Conference Room 1Conference Room 2Conference Room 3Conference Room 4Conference Room 5Conference Room 6

Executive Office 1Executive Office 2Executive Office 3Executive Office 4
Trading Floors 1Trading Floors 2Trading Floors 3

Training Room 1
Training Room 71
Training Room 3Training Room 2 



Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is one of the most captivating ways to get your message across in today’s market, using a variety of technologies to replace retail signs. Static print signs and billboards are replaced by electronic signs dispersing content and messages in the most targeted, interactive ways. Bring your company's messages to the next level.

  • Liquid crystal displays, plasma display panels and scrolling message boards are a few of the more common in-store devices used to project full-motion video, sound and text.
  • Digital signage enables a customer to control and display their messages quickly and effectively.



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