Are you Prepared?.


Posted by Ben Romas - 06 July, 2017


Are You Prepared?

It’s 2017, hackers and now cyber crime syndicates are far more sophisticated in how they exploit a business. It’s also likely a hacker is more informed about the way your company protects it’s data and networks than you.

Cyber crime actors specialize in targeting known vulnerabilities and weaknesses in corporate infrastructure and out of date systems. As seen with the latest WannaCry attack, 400,000 machines in over 150 countries were infected. These numbers should be alarming to you if you are even the least bit concerned about the safety of your information and company’s reputation. What’s even more alarming is that Microsoft released updates 2 months prior to the outbreak to patch systems with this vulnerability.

Without a sound cyber security policy in 2017, company’s put themselves at severe risk for financial loss, data breach and even reputation damage. Even if your company is conscious of keeping systems up to date, this does not mean you are ready for the next cyber crime wave. Instituting a cyber security policy will help foster a culture of cyber-risk awareness and empower workers with modern security best practices to thwart a growing list of attacks. Understanding your company’s overall cyber risk is the first step in achieving true security.

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Are you Prepared?

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