AMNET myCloudTM Platform

Hosted Web

Web Hosting Services Designed for Your Business


Comprehensive webhosting, DNS management, monitoring and support for all types of business platforms

Microsoft and Linux hosting platform with SQL or my SQL backend database options

CMS support for many leading content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Simple and secure direct access for your internal or external web developers

Burstable bandwidth BGP network core with load balancing, guaranteeing fast browsing for your visitors


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

Base +Add-Ons
Platform - Choose the platform that's best for your needs * *
Domain Hosting (.com, .net, .org, .info, .name) * *
Web File Manager * *
Storage (10 GB) * *
Bandwidth (1GB) * *
Load Balancing * *
Monitoring * *
DNS Hosting * *
FTP Access 24/7 * *
Google Analytics Website Traffic Statistics * *
Optional Website Backup Hosting (Disaster Recovery) *
Additional Storage Available (choose from 25GB or 50GB) *
Additional Bandwidth (choose from 3GB or 5GB) *

Benefits of Amnet's Hosted Web


Web Applications


Amnet supports almost all platforms, some of the most popular platforms we host are listed on the left.

Choose the Platform that works for you.




Under One Roof - Add Amnet myCloud Web as an add-on to your other Amnet packages. Having a single source for all of your IT needs.

Security - With Amnet, your information is secure.

Stability - Amnet's been an established trusted business for almost 20 years. We ensure financial stability, flexibility and responsiveness.

Support - Enjoy all the benefits of the personalized service, only Amnet can offer.

Outstanding Up-time - Experience the benefits of running your website on Amnet's state-of-the-art servers.

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