AMNET myCloudTM Platform

Hosted Citrix

Tailored for ANY Scenario Where a Citrix Delivery Platform is Needed


Carrier grade hosted Citrix delivery infrastructure with secure interconnect to your systems at a fraction of the in-house built

Includes state-of-the-art Citrix Netscalers SSL secure access, load balancing and redundancy benefits

Rapid deployment of Citrix capacity and version control of your farm using PVS technology

Innovative hybrid where we host the front end applications and you host the backend via Amnet myCloud Rackspace Service

Advanced Citrix Edgesite based monitoring and reporting available to be customized for your environment

Both cost-effective multi-tenant and compliance driven fully isolated platforms available

Optionally, the base platform configurations can be further customized/optimized to your needs

Industry leading 100% up-time and security guarantee of the UC9 Platform

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