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About Hosted SharePoint

Amnet myCloud SharePoint enables a company to easily create and manage custom team-focused and project-focused sites for collaborations. In addition, it is possible to deploy a company-wide intranet portal used to disseminate information and news across the organization.  There is no hardware or software to manage.  From any web browser your team can create and work with documents, securely share files, manage calendars and work on products.  Amnet offers SharePoint as an integrated product to go along with your myCloud Office suite or as a stand alone product.

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint simplifies access, and management and replaces the need for network file shares

Easily manage and access your files from anywhere using a web browser, iPad or smartphone

Collaborate and stay organized with a group with easy access to shared files, tasks, schedules, emails and more

Create a drop box area for clients to pick up and drop documents and many other advanced features available

Seamless integration with myCloud Workspace and Exchange, simplifying public and private file uploads


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

With SharePoint online, users can set up sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish insights to help everyone make better decisions.  The capabilities of SharePoint are endless.


SharePoint Online offers tools and components for creating do-it-yourself business solutions that can rapidly respond to business needs.                                                

SharePoint Online Insights gives everyone access to the information in databases and spreadsheets stored with SharePoint Online to help people locate the information they need to make good decisions.

SharePoint 2010 Communities delivers great collaboration tools and a single platform to manage them.  Make it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way the want.

SharePoint Online Content makes management easy, allowing users to set up compliance measures "behind the scenes" with features like document types, retention, and automatic content sorting, while letting people work naturally in Microsoft Office.

SharePoint Online Sites provides a single infrastructure for all business websites. Users can share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and securely publish information internally or externally.
With SharePoint Online Search, users can find content and people faster. SharePoint Online Search cuts through the clutter and helps users find what they need across site collections.  A unique combinations of relevance, refinement and social cues helps people find the information and contacts they need to get their jobs done.



There's nothing to compare with Amnet's myCloud SharePoint product.  It's a fully comprehensive product with the ability to add on additional features at an additional cost.  You can however, take everything Amnet's myCloud SharePoint product offers and compare them to the competition.  We're confident we'll stack up better than the rest.

Our SharePoint Plan comes with all the base features.  Choose the GB amount you need to fit your needs.

Total SharePoint Space * *
Monthly Transfer * *
Number of Users * *

Daily Backup

* *
Firewall * *
Fire Migration Assistance * *
Version 2010 * *
Full-Text Indexing * *

.NET Framework 2.0

* *

Browser-Based Customization

* *
Web Parts * *
Apply a Theme from the Browser * *
SharePoint Designer Customization * *
Personal Views * *
Document Workspace Sites * *
Document Collaboration * *
Check-In/Check-Out Files * *
Document Workspace Panel * *

Version History

* *
Meeting Workspace Sites * *
Alerts * *
Picture Libraries * *
Presence Integration * *
Usage Statistics * *
Microsoft Office System Integration * *

Free SharePoint/ Web Parts

* *
Free SharePoint Designer * *
Support - 24/7 Email, Chat and Phone * *
Available in Multiple Languages * *
              2 GB                              
Choose your required/desired GB amount



Benefits of Amnet's Hosted SharePoint



Online Shared Documents

Have a secure and centralized location to organize and share your documents within your company. Select who has access to view what.

Once your company's documents are hosted on Amnet's myCloud SharePoint, they're accessible from a web browser anytime, anywhere. Access your documents from a PC, Mac, iPad, or tablet.

Your documents can be organized into individual folders and web pages.  You can make documents accessible to your entire organization, a selective group, or just an individual.  Outside users (clients, vendors) can also be granted limited access to view documents or securely send filers to you.

SharePoint can completely replace your on-premise file server, eliminating the need for expensive server maintenance and replacement.





Online Tasks and Projects

Enjoy the ability or organizing company projects into a single online portal. Assign tasks, access project-related calendars, contacts and more.

Your team can keep detailed notes for each task and upload documents or files relating to a particular task. You will receive notification when a task has been updated or completed.

In addition to tasks and work flow you can create a space for documents, calendars and contracts that relate to that particular project, pulling all resources relating to a particular project on a single screen that is accessible to your entire team- from anywhere.



Online Contacts

SharePoint can be your complete contact database.  Have all your clients, employees, vendors and prospects contact information all in one central location.

All contacts become available from any PC, Mac, iPad, table and smart phone.

SharePoint contacts makes for an ideal central database of customers, vendors, employees, partners and other people you interact with.  SharePoint contact lists an be added to any other portion of SharePoint, including creating contact lists that pertain to one particular SharePoint project.
SharePoint contact lists can be extensively customized; add fields for information that you want to capture, such as a customer ID, birth date, custom drop-down menus and more.





Online Calendars

Create individual or team calendars. Create calendars for departments, projects, PTO tracking and more.

SharePoint calendars are accessible from your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.

With SharePoint, your calendar is in the same online platform as your documents and numerous other calendars.


Common uses of SharePoint Calendars include:

  • Personal Calendar
  • Sales Calendar
  • Time Off Calendar
  • Project Calendar
  • Service & Field Calendar


Public Share

Public Share

Share files with clients and vendors. SharePoint is a web portal that allows clients and vendors to share files. Securely make files available online in a professional looking and easy-to-use website.


Add announcements, discussions, blogs, wikis and more. Have a single source to store and keep all the necessary company documentation you need.

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