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About Hosted Lync

Lync is a powerful communication and collaboration tool, particularly for keeping remote employees and multiple offices in sync. Workplaces are changing. Teams are more distributed. People need productivity tools that enable them to work from virtually anywhere. Yet, despite organizations’ technology investments, users struggle to stay connected with colleagues and the business. Slow innovation in traditional technologies such as telephony forces users to choose other modes for collaboration and communication. This makes it more challenging for IT professionals to deliver new capabilities in an integrated, cost-effective, and secure manner. Microsoft® Lync™ connects users in new ways, regardless of their physical location. Lync brings together the different ways people communicate in a single interface, is deployed as a unified platform, and is administered through a single management infrastructure. The unified nature of the system helps reduce costs and facilitates rapid user adoption. And, because Lync is broadly interoperable, it fits into existing IT infrastructure for easier deployment and migration.

Hosted Microsoft Lync improves efficiency, reduces email clutter and provides communication simplicity

Fully integrates with your Workspace, outlook web, local outlook, iPad and smartphones

Business grade secure chat and presence vs. unsecure public chart services ompliant with FINRA, HIPPA and others; simple searh of achives directly from

Outlook Seamless integration with Amnet myCloud Voice; enables simplicity of click-to-dial for voice, video and more


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you


Base Plan

Base + Add-On

IM -Employees chat in real-time with colleagues and coworkers, no
matter where they are

* *
Group Chat * *
Presence - indicators show availability and status * *

Microsoft Office Exchange

* *
Conversations are secure, private and legally compliant * *
PC-PC Voice * *
PC-PC Video Chat * *
Web Conferencing *
Desktop Sharing *
Enterprise Voice *

Benefits of Amnet's Hosted Lync


IM & Presence

  • Employees chat in real time from anywhere
  • Eliminate email clutter with instant messages
  • Presence indicators show availability & status
  • Public IM connectivity, use one list for all your contacts, whether they're on Lync or on other lM services like Windows Live
  • Location and status settings
  • Lync integrates directly with Outlook and OWA
  • Conversations are encrypted & legally compliant
  • Translate IM conversations with contacts who speak different languages
  • Lync is accessible on computers, tablets, and smart phones
  • Group chat allows multiple people in one chat
  • Quickly send and receive files from co-workers
  • Added/removed employees update automatically





  • Set up an online meeting quickly and easily, without hunting down a conference line
  • Share documents with one of more contacts right from the application
  • Monitor the clarity of your online meeting connections with informational quality alerts
  • Record online meetings and save them to reference or share with others later
  • Integrates with Amnet myCloud Video Room with a simple click










Enterprise Voice



Enterprise Voice

  • Screen sharing between attendees
  • Schedule online meetings & conferences
  • Virtual whiteboard, open a collaborative virtual whiteboard with one click
  • Combine with your Amnet myCloud Voice product  


Microsoft Intergration

Microsoft Office Integration

  • Hoover over a contact's presence icon to start a conversation
  • Search skills and find people in your organization with needed expertise or shared interests
  • Click once to schedule an online meeting, and click once to join one from a reminder
  • In addition to being able to manually set your status as away, Lync will intelligently set your status based on what is in your Outlook calendar
  • Missed instant messages are automatically converted to an email and sent directly to your inbox
  • All instant message conversations are automatically saved and recorded in a folder in your Outlook, allowing you to review prior conversations



  • Lync in secure and compliant with nearly every third party regulation (example: HIPPA & FINRA)
  • All communication is encrypted, making it safe to use from your myCloud Workspace, your local PC, tablet or smart phone





Web Conferencing

Most businesses have not yet fully utilized the power of Web conferencing. Amnet myCloud Lync™ Server makes Web conferencing easy for information works to use for more productive meetings and collaborative work. It is highly integrated with the overall enterprise messaging infrastructure of Microsoft Lync ™ Server 2010 and, combined with audio and video conferencing, delivers highly immerse interactions that are simple to manage.

Online meeting tools integrated into Outlook 2010 enable organizers to schedule a meeting or start an impromptu conference with a single click and make it just as easy for attendees to join. Attendees can be placed in a “lobby,” helping the meeting organizer to control access. The meeting roster clearly displays titles and names of attendees. A Web client extends rich conference features to participants who do not have the desktop Lync 2010 client.

Integration with Outlook allows for single-click scheduling. Predefined conference properties meet the majority of user needs without any modification; for specific needs, meeting types and admission policies can be set by the organizer. Simplified meeting URLs are easier to remember to communicate. All conference join links start with http://, which makes them shorter and less likely to be truncated by e-mail clients, and also makes it possible for these links to launch Web clients if needed. The first part of a simple URL is your external fully qualified domain name, which can be followed by an easy-to-remember word like “meet.”

Joining conferences with a single click from the Outlook meeting reminder is another simple time saver. Communicator Mobile users can also join with a single click.



Desktop Sharing

Only meeting presenters can show their desktop or just one program, to everyone in the meeting using Lync communications software. Viewers can request permission to "take control" of a shared program to edit a document, for example, or contribute to a demonstration.  Only one person at a time can share their desktop.








Enterprise Voice


Enterprise Voice

Enterprise voice in Lync Server 2010 works directly with myCloud Voice to meet telephony requirements through a combination of traditional IP PBX voice user features and more flexible unified communications alternatives. Features such as call answer, hold, resume, transfer, forward, and divert are supported directly, while personalized speed dialing keys are replaced by contact lists, and automatic intercom is replaced with IM. Traditional telephony management functions including dial plans, call authorization, and call detail records are supported and improved via interoperability with standard enterprise tools including Active Directory® and Microsoft SQL Server®. With Enterprise Voice, users can use their computers or desktop IP phones as their primary business phones; Enterprise Voice can also extend business calls to mobile devices.

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