AMNET myCloudTM Platform

Hosted Exchange Email

Online Email, Calendars and Contacts Designed for Business


Hosted Email syncs with your Web, PC, Mac, iPad and smartphones

All devices always remain in sync, use one or all of them at once

Starting with 25GB mailboxes with advanced data backup across multiple data centers

Advanced data backup across geographically diverse data centers

Options for compliance requirements

Unlike other public hosted email, your data is available to you, at anytime with no charge


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

BASE (E1)                   


Exchange Server 2010 * *
Calendars & Contact Availability * *
SharePoint Integration * *
Outlook & Web Connectivity * *
Unlimited Email Domains * *
Unlimited Email Aliases * *
Anti-Virus + Anti-Spam * *
Daily Email Backups * *
Active Sync * *
50MB Message Size Limit * *
Supports iPhone and most other smart phones and tablets                                     * *
1 Public Folders and 1 Resource Box * *
Additional Collaboration, Security, And Compliance Options,
Tailored To Your Business                                      
Litigation Hold                                                                                                               
Blackberry Integration
Supported, configured based on your
needs or user count
Additional Public Folders
Supported (amount available upon request)
Additional Resource Boxes
Supported (amount available upon request)

Benefits of Amnet's Hosted Exchange Email



Hosted Email

Amnet myCloud Email is a hosted business class email solution from Microsoft ® Exchange. It delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. Users will experience rich and familiar access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks across PCs, the web, your desktop, and mobile devices. Exchange seamlessly synchronizes with your smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) and your tablets.

  • All email, calendar and contact data is stored on Amnet's secure servers, choose the compliance requirements you desire
  • Seamless synchronization with smart phones - every email, folder, calendar item and contact
  • Accessible via Outlook on your computer or in any web browser (Outlook Web Access)
  • Centralized administration and control


Hosted Calendar and Contacts

Calendars and Contacts

Your contacts are available via Outlook on your computer, web, phone, tablet, or Outlook within your online Desktop. Contacts and calendars can be set to private or shared with co-workers.

  • Public and shared contacts
  • Public calendars and the ability to make your calendar visible to others
  • Ability to view and coordinate your calendar with others

Hosted Managed Email Migration

Managed Email Migration

Let Amnet be your IT expert. We can host your email, calendar and contacts as part of our Amnet myCloud Email product. We will transition your existing email, calendars and contacts from your current provider into our Amnet myCloud Email product.

Sharepoint Logo


SharePoint Integration

Amnet myCloud Email integrates with Microsoft SharePoint. Add Amnet myCloud SharePoint to your Amnet product suite and enjoy the ability to seamless integrate the two. This allows your Outlook calendars and contacts to be available from your SharePoint site.

  • Easy transition between SharePoint and Email



Additional Features

Active Sync


Amnet's service gives your staff instant, anywhere access to their email from a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, as well as the latest Android, Windows Mobile and many others.

ActiveSync's instant push technology keeps your employees' devices constantly synced and updated with the latest email, calendar and contact data.


  • Constantly synced email, calendars, contacts and more
  • More secure access than provided by IMAP/POP3 functionality
  • Ability to remotely delete any corporate email or data if the device is lost or stolen


SOC 2 Type II Certification

Amnet is Type II audited annually by an independent third party, attesting to our gold standard for security, confidentiality, processing integrity, availability and privacy.

50 MB Attachments

In boxes won't slow down due to photos, videos, and other large file attachments with twice the attachment size limit of other providers.

No Spam Blocker

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Blocker

Anti-Spam- All Amnet Email accounts include Amnet's advanced anti-spam software, to provide the ultimate in spam protection at no cost

Anti-Virus- Amnet provides comprehensive managed antivirus protection of all Email mailboxes, free of charge. This software catches all the viruses that could potentially infiltrates and harm your mailboxes and Email environment.

With your plan will you benefit by receiving upgrades of latest software technologies as they come to market.

Litigation Hold

Advanced Archiving and Compliance - use legal hold capabilities to immediately preserve deleted and edited mailbox items from users' primary mailboxes and personal archives.

Blackberry Integration


Blackberry Integration

Amnet's Blackberry hosting provides you with real-time wireless connectivity to your Hosted Email server, for true wireless 'push' email on your Blackberry smart phone. With Blackberry hosting, you get two-way, wireless synchronization of your email, calendar, contacts and tasks between your Blackberry smart phone and your Hosted Email service, without any additional hardware software to purchase.

Unlock the full potential of your organization's BlackBerry smart phones. Unlike the basic BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) provided by your mobile carrier, Blackberry hosting provides real-time wireless synchronization of everything by your Outlook desktop to your smart phone.

Additional Resource Boxes

Additional Resource boxes, excluding room mailboxes and equipment mailboxes are special mailbox types and can be provided at an additional charge as part of your Email Online Plan.




Email Redundancy/Replication
In addition to regular backups, Amnet replicates Exchange 2010 data in real time from one set of premium hardware to another (redundancy). This protects the critical information your business keeps within Exchange, even in the event of hardware failure or database corruption. It also will automatically transition active mail to an alternate data center to keep the full functionality of your Exchange environment up and running should such an issue occur.

Multi-tenant platform security
On top of layer 2 and layer 3 security we have Multiple redundant, enterprise-class firewalls, which allow us to control remaining layers of the OSI model up to the application level.  Additionally, we have dual netscalers  and traffic management to prevent unwarranted intrusions and ensure only authorized users access your Exchange environment. We also use intrusion detection systems (IDS) to detect malicious network traffic and computer usage that often cannot be caught by a conventional firewall.

Physical Security
We invest a great deal more in physical security than most IT organizations could ever afford.  Each of our data centers are closely monitored and guarded with 24x7x365 sophisticated pan/tilt close-circuit TVs.  Secure access is strictly enforced using the very latest technology, including electronic man-trap devices between lobby and data center, motion sensors, and controlled ID key-cards. 

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