myCloud Platform Overview

Platform-as-a-Service delivers hosted Platforms that are optimized for a specific technology vs. using individual IaaS components

  • What is it? An integration of various IaaS components delivered as an integrated and managed Platform to support a specific business need
  • Includes IaaS Benefits - Since the Platform is made up of IaaS components all benefits of the IaaS and Amnet UC9 are included
  • PaaS Benefits - A perfect combination of managed IaaS components delivers clients a turnkey effective managed Platform option
  • DR Business Continuity¬† - Due to the integrated nature of our PaaS offerings geographic business continuity becomes very cost effective
  • Current PaaS offerings - We are always working on the next new platforms and we're happy to take your requests for consideration on our PaaS road map
  • Compliance - Many times corporate compliance and security requirements are simplified when purchasing a managed PaaS vs. IaaS

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