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Moving to the cloud makes good financial sense as it offers higher up-time and performance than typically possible from your office site

All your cloud services are hosted in Amnet's highly reliable and secure data centers and include diverse connections to multiple Internet and other private network carriers

The most important first step is to be sure that your office connectivity is managed and monitored as the cloud is only as reliable as your office connection to the Internet

Amnet's myCloud Office Connect service is a fully managed office connectivity service bundle designed with various levels of service to meet the needs of each office site and is an essential part of any myCloud Office suite



Features Basic Standard  Professional 
Firewall and Connectivity Device * * *
Power Protection UPS with Basic Power Backup * * *
Alert Notifications * * *

Power Management and Device Control

                * *
Alert Notifications and Response * *
Managed Ethernet Switch (With Base Capacity of 10 Device Connection Ports)                 *
Upgraded UPS Power Protection and Battery Capacity *

Benefits of Amnet's Connect

Firewall and Connectivity

  • Manages the connection of up to 3 Internet or private line providers
  • Office wide Firewall and security protection
  • Monitoring and remote maintenance
  • Configuration management and software updates
  • Advanced FCD Options available
  • Web security, filtering and access control
  • UTM (unified threat management)
  • Advanced reporting and logging

Power Protection UPS with Basic Power Backup

  • Remote power monitoring, surge protection and basic 5 minute battery backup for all critical Amnet managed network devices

Alert Notifications

  • Alerts sent to the customer administrator
  • Customer determines when to involve Amnet and would open an Amnet support ticket as needed

Power Management and Device Control

  • Enables advanced monitoring and remote power cycling and sequenced start of carrier Internet access devices
  • Provides increased office while saving on site visits by allowing the Amnet NOC to power cycle or sequence the turn on/off carrier provided Internet access devices like broad bands or modems routers

Alert Notifications and Response

  • Alerts sent to the customer administrator and Amnet
  • Amnet will respond to the alert
    • Business hours response within 1 hour of alert
    • Outside business hours responses SLA is the sooner within 24 hours of the alert or the first hour of the next business day
    • Includes time to repair any basic connectivity issues, which include carrier line lockups, device lockups or software configuration related issues
      • We will always manage full resolution of the connectivity issue, however, due to the unpredictable nature of time required to resolve advanced connectivity issues instead of like calling the Internet line carrier, replacing hardware onsite visit, etc. are billed against your specific service retainer agreement

Managed Ethernet Switch with Base Capacity of 10 Device Connection Ports

  • Ports run at GB speed with PoE support; port type and function is expandable to meet any platform configuration
  • Enables monitoring and control directly to your device
  • Amnet NOC to manage connectivity directly to your desktop or phone device
  • Provides the best office up-time and practically eliminates any on site service visits

Upgraded UPS Power Protection and Battery Capacity

  • Expanded UPS battery protection to support the addition of Ethernet switch devices


Tailor to your needs


  • 10 additional standard GB Ethernet switch ports to OC-Pro
  • 10 additional PoE enabled GB Ethernet switch ports to OC-Pro
  • Support for multi-closet Ethernet switch GB interconnect

1- Amnet Managed devices include software configuration/upgrades and hardware drop ship replacements
2- All OC Ethernet offerings are for managed hardware and exclude any wiring or installation
3- Any on site work or carrier related line repairs is billable against your service retainer
4-  Fully managed Internet and Amnet managed metro Ethernet private network connectivity is available and priced on a case-by-case basis

** An office connect service is required for each business office. Remote users working at a virtual office do not require office connect.
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