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About Voice

Unlike many "public" or "shared" hosted VoIP offerings on the market Amnet myCloud Voice is very different.  It is built using a "private" cloud architecture. The phone system control is dedicated to your company, providing numerous features and security benefits. The system resides in an Amnet data center providing generator and redundant fiber optic connections. 


Replace your phone system, maintenance, and phone bill with superior features and reliability at a lower cost

Simplified per user fee, includes standard business phone features, local and long distance feeds in continental US

Seamless integration with branch/home offices, and mobile users is cost-effective and provides business continuity

Receive office phone features on your smart phone with easy to use mobile apps for iPhone and other smartphones

Generator protection keeps you up during times carrier outages from weather or power disrupts your building

Seamless integration with your other myCloud office services means complete user and administration simplicity


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

As is the standard with all other Office products, you can be assured that the service is easy-to-use, tailored to your business and comes with the flexibility to meet your future needs.

The Comparison example below is based upon a 50 user count and is just a sample of what we offer.

CONTACT US  for a personal user count quote and a customized solution.

Features Basic      Standard

50 User Dedicated Cloud Hosted PBX


Main Phone Number

Hunt Lines/Concurrent Calls
Local and National Minutes
Fax/Analog Device Connection
Mobile Link
Call Assistant
Conference Center

For pricing information, please visit our solution section.

Benefits of Amnet's Voice

Unlike many "public" or "shared" hosted VoIP offerings out in the market, Amnet's myCloud Voice systems, integrate a feature-rich phone system, advanced IP phones, and powerful software productivity tools into a solution that can substantially improve your company's efficiency with predicable and cost-effective per user pricing. 

Amnet gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology.  Our systems support analog, digital and VoIP lines - in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you're implementing the solutions at your own pace, without compromising.


Voice Architecture

1 - Customers dedicated phone system controller is hosted in an Amnet data center.  Power, phone lines, HVAC is fully generator protected and secured.
2- The user administrative settings are also saved to a secure web server in our data center. This provides your users and administrators easy access to the phone system features from any Internet enabled computer.
3- Phones are simply plugged in at customer premises and automatically connect back to your assigned system located at an Amnet data center.
4- Remote sites are easily deployed and maintained as plug and play. We recommend redundant Internet connections at your corporate offices whenever possible.

*Optional private lines, backed up phone lines or redundant Internet providers are available. This is the major benefit of "private" cloud hosting as it allows every installation the flexibility to be engineered based on your needs.


Calls travel to and from your offices via an Internet connection and offer the same telephone features and capabilities that traditional on-premise phone systems offer.  This architecture protects you from weather related power outages at one of your offices.  The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines connect directly to the Amnet data center over redundant fiber optics and phone lines have no reliance on power at your premises. This allows immediate rerouting of your main line to another office or even a home or mobile phone user. All this can be easily accomplished via Amnet service desk or by your administrator via the web control panel.

Typical Corporate Office Before Typical Corporate Office After


As an easy optional add-on, Amnet offers a hybrid deployment where additional controllers are added on your premises.

Hybrid deployment options offer infinite flexibility. Here are some examples of criteria's where you might consider a hybrid deployment

  • Your office does not have a secondary Internet connection and additional redundancy is achieved by connecting a few phone on premise lines
  • Existing carrier line contracts have penalties, therefore, you can not cost effectively disconnect on premise phone lines
  • There is a business specific requirement that requires an advanced level of fail over and disaster recovery


In Summary myCloud Voice is a Private (not Public) Hosted Voice Solution

  • Dedicated security and reliability of a private cloud provides best overall value
  • Data center grade protection with generator and redundant fiber lines
  • Easily scalable to cost-effectively add branches and home offices
  • Single price per user provides a fixed fully managed expense
  • User friendly web based system administration for users and administrators
  • Powerful ability to tailor your solution and pre-engineered plug-in integration with other Amnet myCloud components providing a future proof solution for your business

Amnet's myCloud Voice has numerous product features, from presence management, caller ID based routing, find me/follow me calling, unified messaging and more.

For more phone features, view our full phone feature list.

Tailor to your needs

Voice Line Service Add Ons

  • Toll Free Number (US based)
  • Phone Numbers (per group of 10)
  • Lines/Paths (concurrent call paths in/out and shared across your phone numbers)
  • Long Distance Minutes - Shared across all your phones (per 1000 US based minutes)

Voice Other Add Ons
  • Fax/Analog connect (per device port)
  • One-Site Phone Fail over unit (6 POTS lines +4 Analog Devices)
  • On-Site Phone Fail over unit (1PRI Line +4 Analog Devices)


 Voice Mobile Link Add Ons


  • Conference Center
  • Call Assistant
  • Mobile Link
  • Multi-Site
  • ACD










myCloud Voice comes with numerous add-on software features to choose from. Highlighted in more detail below are some of our customer's favorite features.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
For customers with Call Center requirements, ACD can be added as a powerful component of Voice. Many of the features are customizable and reports are included. ACD offers opportunities for better staffing management, volume tracking and metrics






 Conference Center Voice
Conference Center

When you're not able to be there in person, the optional Conference Center software allows you to confidently host conference calls with remote colleagues, internal employees, customers and business partners.

Take control of your communications with a fully featured conference center that allows real-time scheduling and managing of conference calls with both internal and remote participants directly from your desktop via an easy-to-use web portal.





Conference Center Voice 2
Key Features

  • Full administrative view of users and conferences, set up conference calls 24/7
  • Secure conferencing - ID and Password Protection
  • Centralized scheduling and moderation of calls
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • No software installation required
  • Seamless integration with Amnet systems
  • Ability to create recurring conference calls



View Our Full Feature Product List

Review your selections

9202E IP Phone

9202E IP Phone

This model complements the existing phone family, providing a powerful entry-level solution to users of the Allworx IP communications system and setting new price and performance benchmarks.

The Allworx 9202E has a sleek, compact design and is extremely easy to use. With its contemporary, minimalist design approach, it is the perfect solution for customers who need high level functionality in a low traffic environment, where desk space is at a premium, without the associated high price point.





9204G Features
The sleek, stylish designs of the 9204G and 9204 are ideal for any office setting. The Allworx product line makes it easier than every before for small to medium size businesses to acquire the communications and collaboration capabilities they need. The Allworx 920 4G delivers the speed of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. If you have minimal need for call line appearances, the Allworx 9204 is just right for you. Two additional outstanding features of this phone are the black lighted LCD display and the 4 programmable feature keys.






9212L Features
With 12 programmable function keys and supporting up to 12 line appearances, both the 9212 and the 9212L are powerhouse communication tools. These phones can be programmed for any combination of PBX call appearance, key system line appearance, queue appearance, speed dialing, direct station dialing and busy lamp field.
The 921 is a sophisticated and flexible state-of-the-art IP phone designed for the business user who needs rich features, a friendly user interface and superb voice quality.  The Allworx 9212L is the newest extension to the complete family of back lit phones. The vibrant, high resolution back light display is the heart of the Allworx 9212L.




9224 IP Voice Phone

9224 IP Phone Features

The Allworx 9224 is today’s premier high-fidelity IP phone bringing the latest advancements in IP telephony to today’s business leaders. Supporting between 24 to 96 programmable function keys (PFKs) with the additional Tx 92/24 Expander units, the Allworx 9224 can deliver a multitude of call appearances, line appearances, speed dials, busy lamp fields and an array of other functions.

This well-designed and stylish phone is the ideal solution for everyone from executives who make and receive a high volume of calls to receptionists who must monitor a huge number of lines all day long. The intuitive design of the Allworx 9224 allows users to upgrade from their old key system with ease – no retraining is necessary.



Polycom 5000

Polycom 5000

Advanced IP conference phone with HD clarity, designed for small conference rooms and executive offices.

This phone delivers remarkably clear conference calls for small conference room and executive offices. It features Polycom Voice technology, broad SIP interoperability, and a modern design that is ideal for smaller rooms - all at an affordable price.



Polycom 7000

Polycom 7000

Astounding voice quality and clarity from the world's most advanced IP conference phone.

The sound station IP 7000 is a breakthrough conference phone that delivers outstanding performance and a robust feature set for SIP-based VoIP platforms. It is the most advanced conference phone ever developed, and is deal for executive offices, conference rooms and boardrooms.

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