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Virtual Desktop or Webtop Access to All Your Applications

About Desktop

Online access to a single, secure, easy to use private cloud based virtual IT workspace that contains ALL the applications each user in your organization requires to perform their specific role.


Cloud or local applications and data accessed from a simplified Virtual Desktop or Webtop workspace

Full featured consistent business computing experience from PC, Mac, iPad and other devices

Eliminates cost of installation/maintenance to your local desktop; just buy your device and connect

Compliant with your local printers and supports offline file transfers to your local device

UC9 Platform SSL VPN eliminates need to maintain traditional VPN software on your devices


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

There are a variety of ways to access your Workspace, our focus is always on your simplicity and ease-of-use.

Virtual Desktop Delivery - All your applications are delivered via a single windows virtual desktop, this gives you the desktop functionality you are familiar with

Webtop Delivery - All your applications are launched individually from a web browser page and run as individual applications on your local desktop

iPad Delivery - All your applications are available on a single Workspace and launched individually, very similar to desktop shortcuts, but optimized for the iPad.

Every plan is customized to meet your needs.  Below are some of our top Workspace choices, keep in mind you're always able to tailor them to your own needs.

The comparisons below are based on a 50 user count and just a sample of what we offer.

For a custom solution, CONTACT US


50 User Cloud Desktop via Citrix Receiver * * *
Hosted Exchange 2013 * * *

Office Standard 2010

* * *
Utility Apps * * *
Productivity Apps * * *
1 Custom App                       * *
Up to 10 Custom Applications                                                       *

For pricing options, please visit our SOLUTION SECTION. 

Benefits of Amnet's Desktop

Simple web based Workspace log-in delivers your Virtual Desktop and/or specific application to any device


 Workspace Windows Start Bar



Both private cloud virtual desktop and private cloud virtual applications

Cloud Desktop
Applications are delivered via a single virtual desktop providing a familiar windows desktop look and feel; commonly used when connecting to a PC or a Mac

Cloud Applications
Applications are launched individually and will run as individual applications, commonly used when connecting from an iPad, tablet and smart phone. 




 Workspace Desktop Image 2


The delivery method provides the exact same virtual desktop and application preferences setup, regardless of the devices you are connecting from.

Example: Your stored setting/passwords, web browser favorites, recently used office docs, email folder views, and much  more are exactly the same when connecting from the office, home or while travelling.



Supports one to many custom business applications making future add-ons simple as the user does NOT need to learn a different cloud log-in or interface.

Comprehensive device support including: Windows PC, iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad, Google Chrome book, Windows Surface tablet and just about any other device.


Desktop Data Protection


Since data and applications do not reside on your device your data is always safe and backed up.

Should your laptop or PC be damaged or stolen, your data is safe and not lost!
If this were to happen while traveling, simply pick up a new device at any store and in less than 5 minutes you are back online and productive.


  • Gone are the days of the costs associated with loading, configuring or maintaining your business applications on each PC or Laptop
  • Your applications are configured and stored as a virtual desktop, therefore, each user can BYOD (bring their own device) and corporate data stays separate and secure from the user's personal data
  • If the busniess provides the user device it can be a lower cost PC or desktop, which will have a longer lifespan since applications are not stored locally 
  • Office network connectivity costs are reduced and simplified as all services will work over high speed Internet vs MPLS or other expensive lines. Remote users and small offices can work over LTW/4G cellular

Workspace Navigation Tab Image 

Provides a standardized consistent computing experience, regardless of the device you choose.

  • Simple web based Workspace log-in delivers your Virtual Desktop and/or specific applications to any device
  • Full featured consistent business computing experience from PC, Mac, iPad and other devices
  • Cost-effective installation and maintenance of user desktops; just buy your device and connect (BYOD support)
  • Compliant with your local printers, scanners and supports offline file transfers to your local device
  • Secure high performance encrypted UC9 Platform eliminates need to maintain traditional complicated VPN software
  • Branch office deployments and maintenance are streamlined, expand to a new region with just an Internet connection
  • 24/7/365 support available to meet your needs; gain access to a team of experts from help desk support, system engineers, architects and consultants
  • Single vendor approach is the most cost-effective way to host, support and maintain your technology
  • Technology is fully outsourced, yet features are client specific allowing you to focus on your business vs. the technology
  • Flexibility to meet your current needs with the scalability to meet your future needs










Tailor to your needs


Check the icon for more information 

 Office HostedExchange  Office Lync  Office SQL


Application Delivery Options Tailored to Your Needs

Workspace Base Applications



Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox
Media Players: Windows Media Player, VLC Player
Messengers: Skype, Live (MSN) Messenger,Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger
Web Meeting: GoToMeeting, WebEx

Workspace Utility Applications

Utilities: Acrobat Reader, PDF Creator, FileZilla (FTP), Remote Desktop Connection, Windows Live Mail, MS Paint, WordPad, Calculator, Notepad, Notes Gadget, 7-Zip (Zip and RAR), Windows Search for Users Documents

Workspace Offic Applications

MICROSOFT OFFICE: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, SharePoint and Lync

CUSTOM APPLICATIONS - Choose the one that is right for you

  • Virtually any software application can be integrated with you myCloud Workspace
  • Below is a sample list of custom applications that have been tested
  • If you do not see your application below, ask us, we can likely support it upon request

Below is a sample list of some of our most common custom applications. Add custom applications to your plans in groups of 5, 10, 15, and so on.


WS Accounting Applications

Accounting Applications
Sage MAS90 & MAS200
Sage TimeSlips
H&R Block 2010



WS Personal Applications

Personal Applications

 Prolog  Docstar
Encompass 360   AIA Contracts Documents
Epicore  Ultra/Mate 
NY Mortgage Lending Compu-Cram Maintenance Fleet Pro
AbacusLaw Pro Law Collision Link
CAU Application Reeb
TAM  MarvinQuote 
 Safe Timberline Hurd E-Bid 








WS CRM Applications

CRM Applications
Microsoft Dynamics
Act! By Sage


Amnet hosts an array of additional applications.

CONTACT US for more details.

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