Why our UC9?

Amnet had the vision many years ago to create an innovative, fully customizable cloud platform that is unmatched in the industry, especially when compared against the numerous "cookie cutter" platforms out there today. After years of research, development and investments the UC9 cloud platform was created.

The UC9 Platform


Amnet's Unified Cloud 9 Platform, also known as UC9 is built to provide limitless elasticity and flexibility, along with carrier grade security and unparalleled user simplicity.

Amnet is an innovative cloud computing service provider, offering its services in three fundamental models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS - also known as Amnet's myCloud Infrastructure), Platform as a Service (PaaS- also known as Amnet's myCloud Platform), and Software as a Service (SaaS - also known as Amnet's myCloud Office). PaaS is the most basic and each higher model abstracts from the lower models.

Cloud clients connect to the services via a secure web browser connection across an Internet VPN or using the innovative Amnet Carrier Cloud (ACC) service.

The Amnet UC9 platform is fully redundant, infinitely expandable and built for 100% up-time. It serves as the nucleus of all current and future hosted and cloud offerings.

myCloud Office

myCloud Office

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In this fully hosted model, Amnet will install and operate client application software in the cloud and cloud users can access the software directly from the cloud client. These applications are delivered either directly from a web top (web browser) or within a virtual Workspace.

The cloud users do not manage the cloud infrastructure and platform on which the application is running. This eliminates the need to install and run the application on the cloud user's own computers, simplifying maintenance and support.

What makes a cloud delivery different is its elasticity or ability to "burst".  Amnet's UC9 platform is carefully monitored to ensure there is always extra burst capacity. We utilize best in class VPN devices that deliver high speed encrypted security and load balancers to distribute the work over many redundant compute resources. This elasticity process is inconspicuous to the cloud user who only sees a single access point.

To accommodate for large numbers of cloud users or to meet certain budgets, certain cloud applications can be multi-tenant. This scenario is similar to a multi-tenant building where each "tenant"/client has their own secure "unit"/application while Amnet manages the "building"/back-end amenities for the benefit of all tenants. Although multi-tenant application services are secure and not visible to other "tenants", there are cases where a clients industry specific compliance requirement recommends against a multi-tenant cloud.    

For clients having specific industry compliance we offer a very innovative solution using a hybrid or full private cloud architecture where either specific or every component of the application delivery platform is dedicated.  

The pricing model for this service is broken down into the following two options for you to choose from:

  • A monthly or yearly cost per user per application
  • A monthly or yearly cost for a fully hosted Workspace product

myCloud Platform







Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In this level of a service model we deliver a comprehensive computing platform tailored to the needs of software developers and MSP's allowing them to facilitate the deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware/software and hosting capabilities.

This typically includes all components of IaaS plus the operating system, database, and web server components. Amnet manages and optimizes the platform while the client manages the specific application and front-end solution. Burst capabilities are available where underlying computer and storage resources will scale automatically to match application demand. PaaS services facilitate the deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software and provisioning hosting capabilities.

Our offerings include many of the leading OS, Database, Voice and Video technology delivery platforms.

myCloud Infrastructure






Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This is the most basic of our cloud service models offering physical or virtual infrastructure resources as a service. Every component of this infrastructure is fully mirrored and is created to provide 100% up-time. All IaaS services are delivered from Amnet's UC9 platform, located in multiple Amnet SSAE16 certified data centers.

The IaaS is accessed over an encrypted VPN over an internet connection or the Amnet Carrier Cloud. In this service model, clients install and manage their operating system and applications while Amnet manages the end-to-end underlying infrastructure powering it. These services are billed on a metered usage or utility computing basis. A similar concept to commercial electricity consumption, as you pay your bill based on a meter reading and don't worry about how the electricity is generated. 

In the case of IaaS, Amnet's version of the power plant is the UC9 that delivers computing, storage and infrastructure resources. 




IN-HOUSE - No need to worry about third party providers, Amnet has created and controls the UC9 Platform.

- The Amnet Unified Cloud Platform is designed to support a wide variety of applications and delivers them in a personalized secure desktop. Enjoy the ability to have all of your data in one easy-to-use centralized virtual desktop.

FLEXIBILITY - All you need is Internet access and a secure login to gain access to all of your information from home, on the road, from clients’ offices or even from smart phones and tablets. Your team can collaborate and communicate with colleagues and clients on files, documents, presentations and more, even when they are not in the same location. Documents can simultaneously be accessed and integrated with your specific business applications with ease. We can even colocate (host) your specific servers as a colo-cloud hybrid approach.

REDUCED COSTS - Reduce your IT hardware and overhead costs by eliminating the need to procure and maintain costly data center infrastructure. With a virtual desktop, corporate applications are no longer installed on the user PC. This provides easy internal accounting for IT expenses as each user has a predictable IT cost and the company pays only for the actual resource they use.

SUPPORT & RESPONSE TIME - Gain access to a friendly integrated support desk team, based in Stamford, CT that learns your environment resulting in a more personal experience vs the more traditional method of outsourced support desk teams. Our support team includes highly experienced customer service professionals, engineers and architects dedicated to keeping your users up and productive 24/7/365. This method greatly decreases the time for overall incident resolution.

STORAGE AND COMPUTING CAPACITY - No need to worry about forecasting and buying data storage, memory or computing power just to have it get outdated. Similar to your home electric meter, simply pay only for the storage and computing power you need today and increase your usage when you need it over time without buying any hardware.

HIGHLY AUTOMATED - IT personnel no longer need to worry about keeping software up-to-date.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE (SSAE16) - Amnet’s internal security and operational processes are independently audited and meet the most stringent criteria, which has earned Amnet the SSAE16 Type II audited certification.

FOCUS - Provide more value to your organization by spending less time on the back-end support and focus more on strategic initiatives that will positively impact your business.

GO GREEN - Servers running at your facility are typically designed for more capacity than you actually need, left idle for hours at time and soak up energy. Pooling resources into a cloud consolidates energy use as you consume only what need. Also, save by doubling the useful life of your existing computers, buying less powerful new computers and overall using less power locally.

DISASTER RELIEF/BUSINESS CONTINUITY - Never worry about storms or losing power again. As long as you have Internet connection, you are back at work. Your company’s data is securely stored at Amnet’s US based primary and backup data centers, which are designed with multiple layers of redundancy. Amnet's team of experts are capable of tailoring business continuity requirements that meet your needs.

GAIN A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE - Advanced technology at an affordable price allows you to react quickly to changing business conditions and stay ahead of your competition. You can now leverage enterprise class systems and engineering expertise typically found in Fortune 500 organizations while staying under your budget.


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