Government, Education and Medical

The unpredictability of the budgeting process makes it exceedingly difficult for public sector IT organizations to maintain current service levels, making the adoption of new technology sometimes be completely out of reach or pushed off for years. Yet constituents are demanding that public safety and education are equipped to meet the challenges of today and preparations for tomorrow.

Amnet’s FlexPlan service offerings provide unprecedented purchase option flexibility and are designed to offer options to purchase “as a service”, a capital expense, or a hybrid of both. FlexPlan provides the flexibility to change from one model to the other helping to better prioritize and balance funding with the budgetary cycles common with public sector and educational sector customers. Many solutions can also qualify for grants or Erate programs.


Benefits Include:

  • Fixed fee, monthly cloud service will cost effectively deliver IT, Telecom and Video technologies while maintaining robust systems control to your administrator

  • Integrated Mobile Operations Solutions for emergency or general security operations centers

  • Access to Video Surveillance technology that provides first responders with real time mobile based visibility and overall safety during an emergency

  • Customized disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities so you can minimize data loss and maintain service levels through any emergency


Samples of the Solutions Available for Your Industry Include:

  • AnyCam Mobile provides access to any security camera or recording located at any location from any mobile smartphone or tablet device

  • IMOC Platform - Integrated Mobile Operations Center offer powerful solutions for expanded or backup emergency command and control solutions

  • Audio/Video control rooms and conferencing management services (On-Site and Remote)

  • Cloud Based Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS) or Infastructure (IaaS) solutions built to federal certifications standards 

  • Disaster Recovery, Network/Systems Management, Monitoring and 24/7 Alerting

  • Carrier services management for voice, data and video applications 


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