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Hosted AnyFax

Online Hosted Fax Service Designed For Business

About Hosted AnyFax

AnyFax is one of Amnet's integrated myCloud Office products and offers you the ability to send and receive faxes from any device, anywhere, at anytime. AnyFax eliminates the hassle of maintaining a fax machine as well as all the numerous hard files that come with it; instantly create a digital copy of all your inbound and outbound faxes. Outbound faxes route directly from your email. Choose a single fax number for your company or one for every employee. Convenience is made easy with AnyFax. Your address book and outlook contacts will seamlessly be integrated into your fax directory, so with one simple click, you can fax away

Send and receive faxes from any device, anywhere; eliminate the costs of your fax machine, fax line and supplies

Secure, and simple way to send, and receive private or group faxes as email attachments

Includes a private direct US based fax numbers, or optional 800 number and all US long distance charges

Each number includes up to 150 inbound and 150 outbound pages per month (standard plan)

Seamless integration with your Amnet myCloud Workspace and Exchange, simplifying fax storage and management


Side by side comparison to know which option is right for you

Choose Our Basic Plan or Add-On the Additional Features You Need.

Compare the plans below to decide what is right for you.


Features Basic
Basic + Add - Ons
Fax From Any Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet * *
Fax Directly From myCloud Exchange Email * *
Outlook Integration * *
Security of a Fax Digital Paper Trail * *
Choose a New Number or Keep the One You Have * *
Secure Fax Log for Compliance * *
No More Worries of Capacity * *
Integrates to Your Email Contacts for Ease of Use * *
Simultaneous Fax Sending and Receiving * *
Time efficiency of Not Having to Print Than Fax * *
Backed by the Reliability of Amnet's UC) Platform * *
Amount of Faxes You Can Receive (Per Month)
150 +Upgrade By Bundles of 50
Amount of Faxes You Can Send (Per Month)
150 + Upgrade By Bundles of 50
Phone Numbers
One + Additional Amount You would Like to Purchase
Toll Free Number *

*myCloud AnyFax requires active myCloud Exchange

Benefits of Amnet's Hosted AnyFax



Send faxes with just clicks
Faxing made easy, just type an email and hit send
Send faxes from your smart phone, PC or Mac
Easily fax documents out directly from your Workspace file manager

Receive faxes directly to an email or public folder
Receive faxes directly into a shared or private email box
Single main fax number or a private fax line for each employee
Attach documents and they will be converted and send sent as faxes

Simple, low monthly pricing
Free pages with every monthly plan
All-inclusive features such as a dedicated fax number
Get a unique fax number for each employee with the unlimited plan


Benefits Against Traditional Faxing

Benefits Against AnyFax

  • No messy or expensive toner
  • No expensive analog lines
  • No noisy or bulky equipment
  • No more wasting paper - GO GREEN
  • No more separate address book on your fax machine
  • Stop spam, set up spam filters to receive only faxes that matter






How Amnet AnyFax ranks up against other Electronic Fax Providers

Amnet AnyFax Other Electronic Fax Providers
+ Phone numbers provided within phone block - Provided with new phone number
+ Numerous users per phone (fax) - One user per phone (fax)
+ Can be routed to one, person, group, all contacts - Forwards to email address
+ Ability to look up a user - Need users info
+ Can forward to a physical machine - Has to go to a computer
+ Everything is integrated to your email - Need a separate account
+ Not limited to a special number of email addresses - Limited to five email addresses
+ Multiple faxes can be sent at once, up to eight concurrent calls - Can only send one fax at a time
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