Colocation Services Overview


Colo Space
Our Colocation space is available in many options to meet your needs. All colo space is provisioned using purpose engineered secure data center grade cabinets engineered for proper airflow. Standardized 4 point mounting rail options include flexible mounting and wire management options to accommodate all of the latest gear.

 Standard Density
  • Partial Cabinet
  • Full Size Cabinet
  • Private Customized Suite

High Density

  • Full Size Cabinet
  • Private Customized Suite



Data Application11Our colocation area is located in a secure raised floor environment with under floor cooling and overhead cable trays.  We offer cabinets, cages and custom high security private suite configurations.

  • Raised floor environment
  • Secure locking cabinets with 19" or 23" mounting rails
  • Private space and custom configuration plans available


Space Specifications

Dimensions -30" W x 42" D x 84" H
Rails - 4 post 19" or 23" configurations           
Full and one third cabinets available
All cabinets are locked
Multiple "ganged" cabinets available

Private Cage
Dimension 8' x 8' and 10' x 10'
Secure locked entrance
Custom power configuration            

Custom Built Private Data Center
Engineered upon request


All power is provisioned off of our fully redundant data center power grid, which is designed to provide 100% up-time. Power distribution options are designed specifically to meet your equipment needs and they are available in customized high output configurations not typically found in mainstream colocation facilities. Power is offered in AC and telco grade - 48v DC. DC power is more reliable and energy efficient than traditional AC power. Many manufacturers going "green" today offer DC power options for their gear.

Data Application10

AC Power DC Power
  • Single Phase 110 volt
       20amp, 30 amp
  • 48 DC includes separate A and B feeds
       75amp - 250amp rack mounted distribution panel
  • Single Phase 208 volt
      20amp, 40amp
  • Custom engineered distribution
      Available upon request
  • Three Phase
       20amp, 30amp, 40amp, 50amp
  • Custom Engineered Distribution
       Available Upon Request

Data Application12
Additional Information

  • Conditioned AC power via state-of-the-art UPS modules
  • Diesel generator backup with 48-72 hour run time between refuel
  • Priority fuel contracts provide fuel within four hours
  • Ground system certified at less than 5 ohms to meet carrier grade specification


Electrical Service

Data Application3

Over-sized electrical service guarantees future growth will never disrupt our clients

  • Underground feed with transformer inside gated area of facility
  • All state-of-the-art switchgear, transformers and distribution panels
  • Conduits installed under road are encased in concrete with a steel plate on top to eliminate the possibility of road construction interfering with any service to our building
Ground Buss System  Generator

A professionally engineered ground buss system is in place

  • Master Ground Plate terminates all ground wires back to a common point
  • Ground buss distribution cable runs from the ground plate to each cabinet via the overhead cable tray
  • There is an "H-Tap" connection from the overhead ground distribution cable which delivers a ground to each cabinet; this ensures proper cabinet frame to ground potential

Backup power for all environmental controls units, AC and DC to the colocation area is provided by high capacity availability diesel generator

  • Over-sized diesel fuel storage tank provides 48-72 hours of run time
  • Priority refueling contracts in place to guarantee refueling with 4-24 hours
  • Separately derived service and neutral conductor, thus providing A/C power to all outlets                                                                     

DC Power

All -48 volt DC power provided a state-of-the-art Liebert Helios DC power plant

  • A/B feeds available
  • 2 hour battery run-time (generator takes only 12 seconds to take over in a commercial power fail over)
  • Generator backed up all DC power


Amnet's Internet backbone is built on a BGP "grid" designed with auto-fail over and multiple upstream providers.  This engineered redundancy provides clients the highest possible up-time and guaranteed service level agreements.  All services are delivered via Ethernet or fiber optic hand-off.  We offer a dual "A" and "B" hands-off from diverse network cores for those who plan to implement active firewall fail over and require 100% up-time.

Connectivityu 1

Internet Bandwidth
Purchased on a port plus committed bandwidth basis

Port Options

  • 100 Mbps Ethernet Port (A/B redundant hand off available)
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet Port (A/B redundant hand off available)
  • Custom Fiber optic or larger port options available

Custom Bandwidth Options

  • Fixed Speed - 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, Custom
  • Burstable Price Tier - 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, Custom



Private Network Connectivity options include: MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Dark Fiber and many other options to meet your needs.

Burstable bandwidth using industry standard 95th percentile billing,

Remote Hands

Remote Hands1

Data Center Technicians will perform "remote hands" services to assist clients by performing simple functions to their equipment within the colocation facilities if requested by the client. Remote Hands Service helps you increase your operation up-time and reduce costs by eliminating the need to dispatch your own technical personnel to Amnet to perform simple tasks.

Typical Remote hands tasks are:

  • Flipping a Switch or pressing a button
  • Hooking up a monitor & reporting what is on the screen
  • Typing customer-supplied commands
  • Basic observation and reporting on the environment
  • Securing cabling to connections
  • Management of components (cards, drives, memory)
  • Media and supply management
  • Complex cable configurations
  • Equipment Testing and Trouble Shooting
  • Trouble Ticket Management & Circuit Testing

Additional Services

Power Colo

We are constantly evolving to deliver more value added service offerings so YOU can receive the most value out of your colocation dollar.  We provide everything from basic helping hand services to sophisticated managed services that allow you to have a cost-effective hybrid colo/managed solution.

Power Distribution

  • Rack installed custom configured PDU's
  • Metered and switched for full featured remote control and alerting
  • System access via a secure web control portal outside of your network
    so it does not rely on any equipment in your cabinet

Technical Services

  • Tier 1 - Remote hands
  • Tier 2- Server administrator
  • Tier 3- Storage, server, database or network engineer

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